BCAUSE.CAPITAL ¥10,000,000
COMPANY_DETAILS.COMPANY_BUSINESSThe company supports the efficiency of automatic payment machines, reception and front desk management systems and the situations surrounding them for medical institutions, business hotels, leisure hotels, restaurants, golf courses etc. We are a company that provides total solution products and services with cutting-edge technology. And we have established the top market share position in many of these areas. In addition to supporting the improvement of business efficiency of customers using the company's products and services, we strive to provide a high level of convenience to end users who are further ahead.
COMPANY_DETAILS.COMPANY_INTRODUCTIONIt is the company's original word with the idea of ​​continuing to provide hospitality to customers and end users who directly use products and services. And in order to realize these, we have established four axes. The first axis is to build a solid system in the Japanese market, which is the mother market. The second axis is the inbound strategy. The third axis is the outbound strategy for overseas business development. And the fourth axis is to research innovative advanced technologies and utilize them in the development of new products. New technologies such as IoT / IoE, M2M, big data, AI, fintech, etc. are being born at a dizzying speed every day. In 2016, the company launched the "Distractive Innovation Division," which is a specialized unit. We are developing next-generation solution systems across all businesses by firmly grasping and adapting to changes in technological innovation.